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* De-STRESS Relaxing Body Cleanser –
Use in bath or shower. Pour into palms & gently rub together to activate herbs. Bring palms close to face, gently breathe in & relax. Apply all over hands & body. Gently massage & wash off.

* De-STRESS Calming Body Elixir –
Apply on palms & rub together to heat activate herbs. Bring palms close to face, gently breathe in & relax. Apply all over hands & body. Gently massage till abosorbed & leave on. Avoid sun exposure.

* De-STRESS Harmonizing Balm –
Apply finely on temples, behind ears, back of neck & inner wrists. Gently breathe in & relax.

* De-STRESS Dashamula Body Treatment Oil –
Heat in oil warmer & apply all over scalp & body. Massage with slow, long strokes for up to 30 minutes. Leave on & unwind for further 30 minutes. Use twice weekly.

* De-STRESS Harmonizing Essence Mist –
After bath, spray on lightly, all over body, pillows & bed linen. Leave on. Relax & unwind. For best results, keep refrigerated before use.

* De-STRESS Calming Body Massage Serum –
Apply on palms & rub together to heat activate herbs. Bring palms close to face, gently breathe in & relax. Apply all over hands & body. Massage with long strokes, leave on for upto 1 hour & wash off. Avoid sun exposure.

* De-STRESS Cleansing Bar –
At bath time, massage all over hands & body. Wash off.




Natural astringent. Treats skin imperfections & rejuvenates the skin



Rich in Vitamin C. Stimulates collagen production & enhances skin youthfulness



Nourishes the skin, reduces skin scarring & evens out skin tones for total skin wellness

Kaffir Lime

Product description

Product description

A selection of comforting & harmonizing natural formulae infused with powerful Ayurveda herbs & potent essential oils to soothe & de-stress, the body & mind. Deeply calming Frankincense helps still the mind & ease stress. Uplifting Tangerine & Kaffir Lime promote clarity & refresh the senses, while soothing Sandalwood helps harmonize & balance the chakras. The synergistic blend helps improve overall health & wellbeing.

Paraben Free
Paraffin Free
Silicone Free
Alcohol Free
100% Vegetarian
Not tested on animals
Sustainable Harvesting
Supports community fair trade

*De-STRESS Relaxing Body Cleanser- (60ml)
A naturally purifying formula. Organic fresh Aloe Vera cools entire body system, while Virgin Coconut, Honey & Olive gently cleanse & nourish skin.

*De-STRESS Calming Body Elixir (60ml)
A naturally hydrating formula. Virgin Coconut, Wheatgerm & Sweet Almond help nourish & even-out skin tone. Rice Bran, Soya, Olive & Honey soften & protect against dryness, improving visible youthfulness.

*De-STRESS Harmonizing Balm(8g)
A calming & relaxing natural balm. Helps still the mind & ease stress, while promoting clarity & refreshing the senses. Helps uplift, soothe & balance the chakras.

*De-STRESS Dashamula Body Treatment Oil (60ml)
A traditional scalp & body treatment oil made to a centuries-old classical Ayurveda formula. Helps soothe & calm the entire body system, while easing stress & related discomfort.

*De-STRESS Harmonizing Essence Mist (30ml)
A calming & refreshing natural mist. Fresh Organic Aloe Vera helps tone & hydrate skin while natural Witch Hazel helps cool & comfort.

*De-STRESS Calming Body Massage Serum (30ml)
A soothing natural serum. Anti-oxidant Virgin Coconut, Soya & Aloe Vera help soften rough areas, while Wheatgerm & natural vitamins help nourish & even-out skin tone, improving visible youthfulness.

*De-STRESS Cleansing Bar ( 35g)
A naturally calming & soothing purifying formula to gently cleanse, soften & comfort skin, protecting against dryness.


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