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This festive season, we celebrate Ceylon’s rich heritage of exotic, coloured gemstones, treasured over centuries of time. The limited-edition celebration collections are adorned with these precious sparkling jewels, uniquely laid out in our signature floral artistry, inspired by traditional motifs from the grand Royal palaces of ancient Ceylon.

Every time you purchase or gift an item from our Jewel Paradise Collection, you contribute a part of the proceeds towards Spa Ceylon’s initiatives, to help conserve endangered species of rare Ceylonese flowers in the rainforest regions of the island.

This Includes,

Kandyan Rose1) Perfumed Bath & Shower Gel – Kandyan Rose – 50ml
2) Nourishing Hand & Body Lotion – Kandyan Rose – 50ml
3) Eau de Perfume – Kandyan Rose – 10ml
4) Luxury Soap – Kandyan Rose – 50g
5) Intensive Hand Cream – Kandyan Rose – 10g

Neroli Jasmine

1) Gentle Body Cleanser – Neroli Jasmine – 50ml
2) Hand & Body Lotion – Neroli Jasmine – 50ml
3) Eau de Perfume – Night Jasmine – 10ml
4) Luxury Soap – Neroli Jasmine – 50g
5) Intensive Hand Cream – Neroli Jasmine – 10g

Royal Lotus

1) Gentle Body Cleanser – Royal Lotus – 50ml
2) Hand & Body Lotion – Royal Lotus – 50ml
3) Eau de Perfume – Royal Lotus – 10ml
4) Luxury Soap – Pink Lotus – 50g
5) Intensive Hand Cream – Royal Lotus – 10g


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